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So there I was, cruising through deviantart art, and I saw somebody who had the deviantart ID name, "anti(insert ship name)." I was a little annoyed, because I enjoy the ship they were anti of, and sure enough, practically every single deviation was an 'anti comic strip,' attempting to rip apart the ship in their deviant ID name. For a moment, I just kinda sat there scratching my head. I skimmed through some comics and I thought to myself, "Wow. This is pathetic. There's basically NOTHING here that is just pro their ship. All it is is insulting to their opposing ship. What has the world come to?"

I mean, honestly, are people so insecure about stupid 'ships' that they have to rip apart opposing ships in order to lift themselves up? Do they have to paint opposing shippers as idiots? And most importantly, why would anyone feel the need to brand themselves as 'anti' something? 

My OTP is NaruSaku. Has been for years, will continue to be for some time, I'm sure. I really LOVE that ship. Just thinking about it gets me all giddy and excited - I love fanarts of it, fanfiction, proof essays, and most of all, actual moments from the manga. I'm sure many people know just how I feel, and feel the exact same way about THEIR ships. It may be kind of pathetic, but these fictional ships become a part of us. They grow to mean so much to us. Then, when someone goes off and blabbers, "That ship is sooo stupid. It's sooo horrendous. I can't believe how anyone could POSSIBLY like it. They're such IDIOTS," you just want to punch them in their stupid little faces. It's like they're taking something that means so much to you, and they just stomp on it. 

Here's another example: 

So, I'm a huge fan of classical music. I ADORE it. It has so much depth, so much meaning, and the harmonies can just melt my heart away. I play piano, and spend hours practicing a day. I play violin in the orchestra. I compose neo-classical type music (think movie score music, the type of traditionalists like John Williams and Howard Shore). That's basically my whole life when I'm out of the anime world vortex. So this one day, I'm talking to someone about how I am learning this awesome song on the piano, and she's just like, "Oh, I hate classical music. I can't stand it. It makes me want to throw up." 

I seriously wanted to slap her.

I mean, what the heck? Here I am, telling her how hard I work so I can perform this kind of music, and basically she says, "Meh. Your work means absolutely nothing to me. I hate what you do." Okay, so she doesn't have to like classical music if she doesn't want to. I don't care if you'd rather listen to Kesha or something than Chopin (though I'll be thinking in my head, okaaaay... whatever floats your boat...) But if something means a lot to somebody else, don't insult it. There's no reason to do so! It just makes me angry. People are SO inconsiderate of others feelings.

Yeah, I don't care for football. That doesn't mean I have any right to belittle people who do and look down on them for choosing what entertainment they invest into. People can like whatever the freak they want (as long as it doesn't infringe upon other peoples' ethical rights or bring harm upon themselves), and other people should just learn to deal with it. 

If you oppose something, the much better way to go about it is to try to say only positive things about what you believe. For my ship, I can say, "I love this ship because of this and this, and it's likely because of this and this," but saying things like, "Your ship sucks because this character is awful and you're an idiot for shipping it and your ship's a joke" will only upset others and make people hate you. 

That's why I've decided, I'm anti-anti. It's better for someone to be positive about something you oppose than to be negative about something you love. THAT'S how you refrain from hurting feelings and are able to always show others respect.

So who else is with me? Who else will join the anti-anti pledge?!!
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I am an on/off obsessive fan of my favorite stories in the world (see interests). I'll go months where I'm a good little girl and I work hard on real life and don't think too much about my beautiful stories, then I get sucked into story vortexes which last for months at a time as well, where all I care about is whatever respective story I'm into at the moment.

I try to do artwork, but I know I'm not all that good. If I had more time to dedicate to it, I think I could be. I spend whatever time I have writing (I have three novels I'm working on at the moment - two fantasy, and one realistic fiction), practicing my music, or writing music. I play piano, violin, and I sing as well. I was recently admitted into the commercial music program for a highly competitive music school and am SO excited to study composition in college! So far, I've written a few piano pieces, a piano violin duet, and a full symphonic movement for my piece "The Death and the Maiden." I wish I could share it with you, but I'm paranoid about copyright and stuff, so I won't. ^^

If we don't have the same views on something, it doesn't matter because I won't personally bash you, even if you personally bash me. I think that this world is far too full of disrespect and hate as it is. If you're going to hate everyone for an opinion they have, you'll be hating a ton of people because there are different opinions on EVERYTHING. You don't have to agree with someone on everything, but you do have to respect that person.

This is my Chirbit website (which I just got!), where I'm going to put up my music playing. As I said, I'm first and foremost a musician. Thanks for listening!

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